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I'm Still Fly by Dr. Fahamu Pecou represents the effect startup capital may have on an underrepresented founder.

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But I'm Still Fly, Dr. Fahamu Pecou, American, born 1975. Collection of the Smithsonian National Museum of African American History and Culture, 2014.

The PAR Fund is a network of members willing to share our networks to capital allocators.

Relationships run venture capital. Investors generate returns by sourcing exceptional startups found within their networks. Networks, however, are largely related by gender, race, education, and profession. Consequently, venture allocates 10% of investable assets to female, Black and Latino-led companies.


Access to startup capital largely determines whether a startup takes off. Relationships help unlock capital—a fact understood by those of us who come from humble backgrounds.


Our members have overcome these odds. At The PAR Fund, we understand how difficult it is to take flight. So our members bind together to advocate for founders who typically lack relationships with venture capital investors to likewise help marginalized founders overcome the odds.

risen from nothing, paying it forward.

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"As an emerging fund manager, The Par Fund has been a valuable partner and one of our biggest supporters. Members are well networked and have been able to make introductions to people who then became LPs in our fund. They also sent numerous deals our way and have a skill for bringing people together to create connections that last. Whether you’re a founder, fund manager or LP, The Par Fund is a great organization to have in your corner."

Tessa Flippin, Capitalize VC. Chicago, IL

Tessa Flippin, founder and managing partner at Capitalize VC, a portfolio company at The PAR Fund

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