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The Legacy of George Floyd

Watching George Floyd's murder at home during the pandemic's lockdowns forced a reckoning. His cries for "mama" brought out the healer in us and so we banded together to change one life at a time as we knew how.


As capitalists at heart, we made capital raising our imprint. The case was clear cut; venture capital historically invested 10% of its assets in startups led by women or ethnically diverse founders. Federal Reserve data suggested reducing gender and racial wealth inequality could have doubled USD GDP since 1990. It adds, supporting entrepreneurship, for example, could have helped add $22 trillion to the economy.


Given we had overcome the odds that the unseen face in their capital raising journey, we leaned into our competitive strengths and focused on sharing our insights.


Others like us, that resonated with the mission, found their way to The PAR Fund. A membership of folks who have likewise overcome and are excited to contribute their own insights. A movement to support the formation and growth of companies that innovate and lift the US economy for all of us. An organization needed more than ever to ensure we remember why Floyd galvanized us to love and support each other.

Care to join?


seed philanthropic partner

Techstars Foundation is a philanthropic partner of The PAR Fund
Winning by Emma Amos represents the ability that The PAR Fund, a national nonprofit comprised of professional investors committed to paying forward the opportunities others provided to them, has in terms of sourcing exceptional underrepresented entrepreneurs.

Emma Amos, Winning, 1982, acrylic on linen with hand-woven fabric, 75 × 64 in. (190.5 × 162.6 cm), Smithsonian American Art Museum, Museum purchase made possible by the Catherine Walden Myer Fund, 2019.15, © 1982, Ryan Lee Gallery, New York

Our Advantage


National nonprofit comprised of professional investors and founders.


Membership committed to paying forward the opportunities others provided.


Vetted entrepreneurs expand venture capital's opportunity set of investments. 

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